Attention Active Selling Cargo and Marine Dealers!
Effective now, all new warranty claims, parts orders, registrations and SPIFFs must be submitted using Forest River Dealer Connect and will no longer be accepted on Dealer Central. If you are not live on Dealer Connect, click here.

How to become live on Dealer Connect

If you are a current, active, selling Forest River RV Dealer and are not live on the new Forest River Dealer Connect portal, you need to supply Forest River a name and email for your dealership to be an Admin to begin the process.

Forest River Dealer Connect allows dealers to maintain their own users. The Admin chosen by the dealership will be responsible for the creation and deletion of Users and assigning user access. The Admin can also set up other Admins.

Please send your seven digit dealer number, Admin’s first and last name, business email, and Phone number to

Once we set up the Admin, this person will receive a welcome email from the portal with the web address to access Forest River Dealer Connect and a temporary password to log in.

On Forest River Dealer Connect, your admin will find training videos and pdf manuals for setting up Users and other Admins.

For questions, we have created an in-depth FAQ document that will cover many aspects of Forest River Dealer Connect portal.

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